Fun and Games Fair

Targi Gra i Zabawa (Fun and Games Fair) and Festiwal Gramy (Let’s Play Festival) have both business and educational-entertainment purposes. The enterprise’s formula, supported by promotional activities, the cooperation of industry partners and the excellent exhibition area of AMBEREXPO, provides the ability to reach both industry and individual customers. We offer you a platform for presentation and promotion of market novelties, contact with the public, as well as exchange of experience in the industry environment.

Fun and Games Fair
Board, logic and card games, RPG | field and city games | jigsaw puzzles, building blocks | mechanical and wooden toys | multimedia and interactive toys | multimedia and educational applications, games, accessories | modelling and hobbies | comics, mangas | active forms of entertainment – playgrounds, paintball, offsite training and language learning camps, etc. | specialist publications.

The Programme

  • TriCity Meetings with Board Games or the 15th Let’s Play Festival
  • over 700 board games, e.g.: Splendor, 7 Cudów Świata, Pojedynek Robotów, Colt Express, Herosi, iKnow, 5 sekund,
  • hot novelties from the SPIEL Fair in Essen
  • fun and education zone for children
  • the interactive Miniature Railway exhibition
  • many games, tournaments and competitions with awards for the public
  • Bottle Caps Game Championship
  • SPLENDOR Game Championships, Poland Finals—prize pool of PLN 1000
  • 5 Second Rule Game Tournament
  • Special Guest: Fréderic Moyersoen, Belgium—designer of board games, including Saboteur and Termites
  • workshops for board game designers

Opening hrs:
18.11.2015 | Saturday | 10:00 - 20:00
19.11.2015 | Sunday | 10:00 - 18:00